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I often use a compass heading analogy when talking about your money because what I offer my clients is a GPS navigational system that helps you set a steady course for your retirement and estate planning strategy.

By the time you need my services, you will already have made many right choices with your money over the years. However, whether you have a little money or a lot, what you do with your savings and investment at age 65 is much different from what you did with it at age 40!

Brad Williams Financial Services is your financial GPS. We help you keep your money on the right heading all the way to its final destination!

One Meeting, One Hour, No Obligation

Our first meeting only takes an hour and its free, so why not join me for a cup of coffee or hot tea to talk about whether you need any help or advice with your retirement and estate planning strategy.

You can fill me in on your current financial situation, and I can answer your questions. Then, if we both feel we have a basis for meeting again, we can set up another meeting in which we will go into more depth. You are under no obligation, however, to go any further than our first hour!

One hour and a free cup of coffee … that’s all you have to lose!

Call me today at (256) 536-3075 to schedule a FREE 1-Hour Consultation to make sure your money is on the right heading going into retirement!

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