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Through the years, they have been smart at getting returns on their investments and diligent in setting up their 401ks and retirement plans through the companies that employed them.

So many times, one spouse or the other handled all the financial decisions in the family. What happens when that person is no longer around to do it?

I often use a compass heading analogy when talking about your money because what I offer my clients is a GPS navigational system that helps you set a steady course for your retirement and estate planning strategy.

Who is Brad Williams?

Brad has over 30 years of experience helping clients create successful retirement plans. Brad is specially trained on the unique aspects of retirement accounts. Brad is a Financial Educator and has had many years of experience teaching financial education classes to Huntsville residents at local colleges. Brad hosted weekly radio shows on “The Ask Brad Show” on WVNN for over 2 years and recently added the WBHP station. Brad is an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau.

Brad Williams

Investment Advisor Representative
Brad Williams is an Investment Advisor Representative specializing in Retiree and Estate Planning. He has been an independent financial services representative and President/CEO of Brad Williams Financial Services, LLC since 1987. His wife Robin and daughter Bonnie work with him marketing the company and coordinating and planning his many free educational seminars and events around town. (more…)

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